Toasted marshmallows & fire circle

Toasted marshmallows & fire circle

H. & I gate-crashed M’s Buttercups preschool for a special trip to Elijah’s grandpa’s garden for a fire to toast marshmallows, boil water for hot chocolate & roast bananas with chocolate buttons. Yum. Learnt how to use silver birch bark with different sized kindling sticks (collected by the children last week in their woods) to get the fire started, using a flint stick – which they all had a go with. Had great fun exploring the garden complete with bug hotel & upturned boat. Chalked thank you pictures on the paving.

Left them to make their way back with the walking rope (H having had great fun joining them on the rope on the way!) & took one very tired little girl home in the bike trailer, asleep before we had got to the bottom of the hill.

Continued painting the ‘windy house’ as daubed by M. – more layers of paint needed both in & out; ultimately nothing can hide that it is very old & falling apart but at least this will give it a new lease of life for a while. Not to mention great satisfaction to both myself & the girls;-)

Another hot & lovely day. Girls have successfully trashed most of the house & garden now which is what I should be clearing and sorting right now instead of procrastinating. This is even more time consuming than the hand written diary, now sadly ignored in favour of being able to include photos with a bit of an account of our day. Not hugely interesting to anyone other than us but to us, it is hugely interesting!

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